Posted by: hightideholidays | February 13, 2012

Mythbusters: the truth about stingers and crocs

Of course we want all of you to enjoy the wondrous sights in Australia. We certainly would not want to ruin your holiday just because of pesky stingers and crocs.

Indeed, the magnificence of the Sydney Harbour has definitely lured a lot of tourists to visit Australia. In fact, more and more people come to this desitination every year. Yet, if you would like to truly experience the authentic Aussie outback adventure, Queensland’s north is where you should head to.

Box Jellyfish

To stay safe during your holiday, you should know the right time to visit. If you happen to arrive during the months of October to May, then be ready to avoid the waters. According to Surf Life Saving Australia, this is the time when the stingers dominate the waters of the beaches. If you do not want to suffer from muscle pain, vomiting and sky-rocketing blood pressure, best avoid the water.

Some beaches actually put stinger nets in the waters to keep everyone safe. You can actually check out to see some great spots that you can stay in. However, make sure if you do decide to swim or snorkel during the stinger season, you’re geared with a special stinger suit.



The Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Resource Management website provides relevant information. When it comes to crocodiles, the best thing to do really is to stay away from the swampy and muddy areas. More importantly, do not camp near lakes, mangroves and creeks.

There is no safe month which will allow you to go near the habitat of crocodiles. They are lurking, watching and waiting to give a nerve-wracking experience to those who dare stay close any time of the year. Best go with experience crocodile tourist operators who will ensure you have a safe trip.


You may see a lot of signage which should be enough to remind you that a certain place is not exactly the safest holiday destination. Do not be childish and ignore these signs because they are there for a reason—mainly, for your safety. Stay safe, so you can enjoy your holidays!


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