Posted by: hightideholidays | February 20, 2012

Captivating Beauty of North Queensland

If you are feeling burned-out with work and suffocated by the confines of your office, then it is time for you to breathe some fresh air and rejuvenate your dwindling passion for life. There is no better place to do that than in North Queensland, Australia. The moment you set your foot on this spectacular holiday destination, you will immediately forget about all your worries and your heart will certainly be captivated. Whether you want to explore the rainforests and coastal views or visit the beaches or trails for trekking, this place will surely satisfy you…and much more!

Being in North Queensland is not complete unless you visit Port Douglas. This first-rate holiday destination has lured a lot of visitors because of its undeniable beauty. This exquisite destination sits in the northern part of Cairns. It may posses such luxurious delights but you would still find yourself cradled within nature’s wonders.

The palm trees that surround this holiday destination are a graceful sight as the leaves dance with the wind. There are resorts and buildings but none of which blocks the enchanting horizon.

If you really want to have unforgettable moments in North Queensland, check out and get your chance to stay in Sea Temple. Being in this place would surely allow you to experience how it is to be pampered. This could be your temporary sanctuary where you can dip in the pool, swing some clubs or just enjoy a relaxing massage.

There are other spectacular places that you can check out in North Queensland. If you’d like to bask under the warm sun and witness the splashing waves on the shore, you can’t go past Palm Cove. You can also enjoy the crystal-clear water of The Northern Beaches.

For a more rugged adventure, you can also go to Cape Tribulation. It is where you can go backpacking or stay in one of the bed and breakfast accommodation.

When you go to North Queensland your stress will be washed away by the pristine water.  All of your worries will be blown by the gentle wind. This is a haven that will invigorate your mind, body and soul.

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