Posted by: hightideholidays | February 27, 2012

School holidays: A guide to child-friendly spots

Even before the school holidays arrive, parents are notorious for planning ahead and checking out all sorts of possibilities on where to take the family for their next trip.  It’s not easy selecting kid-friendly destinations because there are plenty of factors that you need to consider before you can actually decide and make your booking and reservations.

Kid-friendly destination requirements 

The main attraction for kid-friendly destinations is that there has to be a lot of activities for everybody in your group.  The more diverse the selection of things to do, the better it is to satisfy everybody’s cravings for entertainment.  Kids get bored easily so even before you book and make your reservations you need to try and create a full itinerary for every day that you’re staying in your preferred destination.  It’s a good thing that the Internet is a good source of information like these, like if you were to go to Queensland which is one of the most child-friendly destinations in Australia, you can check out their website at and plan your trip straight from there.

You can also see just how safe and protected your family will be depending on the type of activities you have lined up for them.  For instance, beaches are a favorite destination for families and in Queensland, you can’t miss the Gold Coast ( where there are a good number of beaches that are being patrolled and have their own lifeguards.  That can certainly make you feel safe and secure for your family.

Another important factor when taking your kids out with you on a holiday is that everything has to be within reach.  Kids are not really known for having the patience to walk around all day and you’ll be glad that the destination you choose has everything within walking distance or at least, there’s enough public transportation to get to where you need to go.  This can help a lot in preventing kids from being cranky by the time afternoon or evening sets in.

Cruising has become very popular for families of late, particularly this very reason – everything is there right on your doorstep. You only have to unpack once! There are a multitude of activities you can join, but also some serious R&R. Take advantage of the kids clubs, the plethora of restaurants, cinemas, sports and pools. Hightide Holidays has hundreds of cruises on the books right now – let one of our friendly consultants find the perfect one for you and your family.



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