Posted by: hightideholidays | March 5, 2012

A cruising experience in New South Wales

When traveling to a new destination, sometimes there are attractions that are often overlooked because they’re overshadowed by more popular activities.  Also, some tourists are pressured into fitting everything that they can into their daily itinerary to maximise their trip so, more often than not, only the activities that are within range are included.  But, if you have all the time in the world and you want to savor what a place has to offer, you may want to try a cruising experience – take in the landscape and scenery, relax in the calm waters and just enjoy the moment.  New South Wales is the best place for a cruising experience, not only because of it’s proximity to water, but because it has the most accessible number of lakes in the country.

A cruising experience can mean many different things for people.  For instance, some may want to try a little bit of whale watching where you can join a tour and be up close and personal with whales while in their natural habitat.  Others prefer riding their kayaks and paddleboats while soaking up the rays in Avoca Lake.  It’s a picturesque destination complete with picnic tables, cafes and shops and perfect for the whole family.  For some, cruising means riding a genuine paddle wheeler, the PS Murray Princess, and just moseying along and enjoying the picturesque scenery.  Cruising may even include some fishing and yacht charters to take you to other places.  You can even spend several days on board these luxury yachts so you get the full experience of cruising on Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury River.

It is also possible to just drift along the coast and go where the waters take you.  After all, the coastal scene is literally dotted with many resorts so you can have your choice of accommodations and you can be as free with your time and activities as you wish.  For additional information, you can visit this site.


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