Posted by: hightideholidays | March 19, 2012

Fabulous things to do on the Gold Coast

If you’re in the market for a beach holiday, then there’s nothing better out there than a trip to Australia’s Gold Coast in Queensland.  The Gold Coast is a popular tourist destination because it’s famous for having almost 60 kilometers of coastline to play around in.  Swimming, surfing and simply laying around in the sun on patrolled sunny beaches are a real attraction for a lot of people.  But there’s more in store for the well-travelled tourist.   With some of the most pristine beaches and coastline in the world at your door step, expect to enter a wonderland of a tropical destination with sunny skies, surfing destinations, food to satisfy every palate, accommodations to suit every budget, shopping that can leave you exhausted and a sparkling nightlife just enough to revive it again.

If beaches are your thing, then you can’t go wrong when you visit of Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Main Beach.  Here you’ll find all sorts of accommodation from the top of the line, ultra-luxurious hotels and high-rises to beachside cottages that are great for families and groups of friends.  There are as many as 35 patrolled beaches along the coastline so you can feel rest assured that someone’s looking out for you in the water.

Adventurous tourists can satisfy their thrill-seeking tastes by hiking and exploring the Gold Coast Hinterland.  There are also several theme parks just north of the Gold Coast that will weaken your knees with all the rolling, flying and spinning that you can do on the rides.  Shopping fanatics can lose their minds over everything from designer clothes in exclusive boutiques to knickknacks available from the local shopping markets.  Food lovers will never have to worry about satisfying their cravings because there are so many choices for everybody -cafes, restaurants and beachside diners are all available to tantalise your taste buds.

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