They say a change is as good as a holiday….

Over the past five years, the Hightide Holidays Group (formerly Discount Package Holidays or DPH) has helped people all over Australia find affordable holiday breaks. With over 135,00 Holiday Club members, the ‘Getaway Holiday Experience’ people have been dedicated to delivering real value and excellent service.

A changing tide…

Throughout this time, the ‘Group’ has grown to include over 100 staff, 2 Offices throughout Brisbane, 215 + Resort Partners, and most importantly; over 135,000 Holiday Club Members. A new brand and new name… With this growth the new Hightide Holiday Group has evolved – bringing affordable holiday getaways to outstanding new levels. Prime holiday destinations are now available throughout Australia and New Zealand. New and improved products and services for customers and Resort Partners are expanding rapidly and importantly…

Some things don’t change!

Current customers continue to receive the service and value which has allowed this growing family business to become the best in the industry. All VIP Memberships and promotions will continue under the Hightide brand only with more options. We hope you like our new look. We do. They say a change is as good as a holiday… No wonder we feel so great!

Company History

In today’s hectic world, it is hard to get away for the holiday breaks that we all need. That is why Hightide focuses on short ‘Getaway’ breaks at fantastic Resorts which provide great holiday experiences; whether you stay 3 days, or enjoy a longer holiday with family or friends. We work closely with accommodation Resorts from the Northern Territory to Tasmania, Western Australia to New Zealand to provide our members with excellent value-for-money holidays. We are able to offer these exceptional deals because we sell in high volume, introduce new customers and participate in our Resort’s spare ‘off-peak’ and limited-peak capacity. In most cases, we can help you save hundreds of dollars. Select from over 215 great Resorts and holiday apartments in favourite locations, generally a short drive from capital cities.

“Hightide” is an independent, Australian business and has been associated with promotions in the holiday accommodation market for more than 9 years. We have been at our present office in Underwood; a southern suburb of Brisbane for the past 5 years, and have an additional office in northern Chermside.

To take advantage of our great deals, simply choose your preferred destination and Buy or Join (phone, fax or email us). Accommodation Vouchers are valid at the stated times for up to 12 months. Plan to book 4-6 weeks ahead of time, simply by contacting the Resort directly on the Reservation Phone Number provided.

Holiday packages are available; usually for up to 4 people. Selected Resorts can accommodate larger groups and families and for longer stays. Please enquire or check through the details on this site.

For information on Accomodation Vouchers, VIP Holiday Club and VIP Corporate Club Memberships, click here.


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