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A Day in the Life of a Sales Consultant

Hi there!

My name is Angie and I’m a sales consultant for Hightide Holidays. I’ve been working in the travel industry for seven years now and I’ve booked a fair few holidays for people and I can honestly tell you, I still get a kick out of booking holidays for customers.

Nothing quite gives me a thrill than when I’ve booked a holiday for a family that may not have been away for a while and are embarking on the holiday of a lifetime.

Just last week, I booked a family on a holiday to Port Douglas. It was amazing! They have two girls under seven and they hadn’t really had a proper holiday since they were born. I booked them into one of our fabulous resorts, the Sea Temple Port Douglas.

This place is designed with the utmost luxury and relaxation in mind, Sea Temple Resort & Spa is located on the secluded beachfront of Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas. The mum said she was going to enjoy some time at the day spa and the dad was looking forward to spending some time at the adjoining 18-hole championship golf course. I know where I’d rather be.

Port Douglas is great because it’s really family friendly, has some great restaurants and loads of shopping to do as well.

Nowadays, more and more people are going online and doing their business without any ‘one-on-one’ contact.  They can find out product information by going to the manufacturer’s site and browsing for their products there.  When they need to shop, they can also do it from the privacy of their homes and it’s just a matter of clicking what they like, putting their credit card details and voila, shopping is done.  But when making a booking and reservation for a travel on these sites, though it can be an automated process, nothing beats being able to speak with a qualified sales consultant especially for matters that need clarification.

Hightide Holidays sales consultants have a real passion for people and travel and get great pleasure from helping you find and decide upon the right holiday destination for you and your family. We book accommodation, car rentals and other activities for you and to make it into a holiday all-in-one package that’s great value and too good to refuse.

Take the pressure off yourself, dealing with airlines, hotels and car rentals on your own can be hard.   Having a sales consultant on your side, working for you to make your trip more enjoyably (and for no extra cost) makes the process easier for you to get the holiday booked and the family on cloud 9.

Give us a call today to see how we can help on 1300 769 765.

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A cruising experience in New South Wales

When traveling to a new destination, sometimes there are attractions that are often overlooked because they’re overshadowed by more popular activities.  Also, some tourists are pressured into fitting everything that they can into their daily itinerary to maximise their trip so, more often than not, only the activities that are within range are included.  But, if you have all the time in the world and you want to savor what a place has to offer, you may want to try a cruising experience – take in the landscape and scenery, relax in the calm waters and just enjoy the moment.  New South Wales is the best place for a cruising experience, not only because of it’s proximity to water, but because it has the most accessible number of lakes in the country.

A cruising experience can mean many different things for people.  For instance, some may want to try a little bit of whale watching where you can join a tour and be up close and personal with whales while in their natural habitat.  Others prefer riding their kayaks and paddleboats while soaking up the rays in Avoca Lake.  It’s a picturesque destination complete with picnic tables, cafes and shops and perfect for the whole family.  For some, cruising means riding a genuine paddle wheeler, the PS Murray Princess, and just moseying along and enjoying the picturesque scenery.  Cruising may even include some fishing and yacht charters to take you to other places.  You can even spend several days on board these luxury yachts so you get the full experience of cruising on Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury River.

It is also possible to just drift along the coast and go where the waters take you.  After all, the coastal scene is literally dotted with many resorts so you can have your choice of accommodations and you can be as free with your time and activities as you wish.  For additional information, you can visit this site.

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School holidays: A guide to child-friendly spots

Even before the school holidays arrive, parents are notorious for planning ahead and checking out all sorts of possibilities on where to take the family for their next trip.  It’s not easy selecting kid-friendly destinations because there are plenty of factors that you need to consider before you can actually decide and make your booking and reservations.

Kid-friendly destination requirements 

The main attraction for kid-friendly destinations is that there has to be a lot of activities for everybody in your group.  The more diverse the selection of things to do, the better it is to satisfy everybody’s cravings for entertainment.  Kids get bored easily so even before you book and make your reservations you need to try and create a full itinerary for every day that you’re staying in your preferred destination.  It’s a good thing that the Internet is a good source of information like these, like if you were to go to Queensland which is one of the most child-friendly destinations in Australia, you can check out their website at and plan your trip straight from there.

You can also see just how safe and protected your family will be depending on the type of activities you have lined up for them.  For instance, beaches are a favorite destination for families and in Queensland, you can’t miss the Gold Coast ( where there are a good number of beaches that are being patrolled and have their own lifeguards.  That can certainly make you feel safe and secure for your family.

Another important factor when taking your kids out with you on a holiday is that everything has to be within reach.  Kids are not really known for having the patience to walk around all day and you’ll be glad that the destination you choose has everything within walking distance or at least, there’s enough public transportation to get to where you need to go.  This can help a lot in preventing kids from being cranky by the time afternoon or evening sets in.

Cruising has become very popular for families of late, particularly this very reason – everything is there right on your doorstep. You only have to unpack once! There are a multitude of activities you can join, but also some serious R&R. Take advantage of the kids clubs, the plethora of restaurants, cinemas, sports and pools. Hightide Holidays has hundreds of cruises on the books right now – let one of our friendly consultants find the perfect one for you and your family.


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Captivating Beauty of North Queensland

If you are feeling burned-out with work and suffocated by the confines of your office, then it is time for you to breathe some fresh air and rejuvenate your dwindling passion for life. There is no better place to do that than in North Queensland, Australia. The moment you set your foot on this spectacular holiday destination, you will immediately forget about all your worries and your heart will certainly be captivated. Whether you want to explore the rainforests and coastal views or visit the beaches or trails for trekking, this place will surely satisfy you…and much more!

Being in North Queensland is not complete unless you visit Port Douglas. This first-rate holiday destination has lured a lot of visitors because of its undeniable beauty. This exquisite destination sits in the northern part of Cairns. It may posses such luxurious delights but you would still find yourself cradled within nature’s wonders.

The palm trees that surround this holiday destination are a graceful sight as the leaves dance with the wind. There are resorts and buildings but none of which blocks the enchanting horizon.

If you really want to have unforgettable moments in North Queensland, check out and get your chance to stay in Sea Temple. Being in this place would surely allow you to experience how it is to be pampered. This could be your temporary sanctuary where you can dip in the pool, swing some clubs or just enjoy a relaxing massage.

There are other spectacular places that you can check out in North Queensland. If you’d like to bask under the warm sun and witness the splashing waves on the shore, you can’t go past Palm Cove. You can also enjoy the crystal-clear water of The Northern Beaches.

For a more rugged adventure, you can also go to Cape Tribulation. It is where you can go backpacking or stay in one of the bed and breakfast accommodation.

When you go to North Queensland your stress will be washed away by the pristine water.  All of your worries will be blown by the gentle wind. This is a haven that will invigorate your mind, body and soul.

Until next week!

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Mythbusters: the truth about stingers and crocs

Of course we want all of you to enjoy the wondrous sights in Australia. We certainly would not want to ruin your holiday just because of pesky stingers and crocs.

Indeed, the magnificence of the Sydney Harbour has definitely lured a lot of tourists to visit Australia. In fact, more and more people come to this desitination every year. Yet, if you would like to truly experience the authentic Aussie outback adventure, Queensland’s north is where you should head to.

Box Jellyfish

To stay safe during your holiday, you should know the right time to visit. If you happen to arrive during the months of October to May, then be ready to avoid the waters. According to Surf Life Saving Australia, this is the time when the stingers dominate the waters of the beaches. If you do not want to suffer from muscle pain, vomiting and sky-rocketing blood pressure, best avoid the water.

Some beaches actually put stinger nets in the waters to keep everyone safe. You can actually check out to see some great spots that you can stay in. However, make sure if you do decide to swim or snorkel during the stinger season, you’re geared with a special stinger suit.



The Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Resource Management website provides relevant information. When it comes to crocodiles, the best thing to do really is to stay away from the swampy and muddy areas. More importantly, do not camp near lakes, mangroves and creeks.

There is no safe month which will allow you to go near the habitat of crocodiles. They are lurking, watching and waiting to give a nerve-wracking experience to those who dare stay close any time of the year. Best go with experience crocodile tourist operators who will ensure you have a safe trip.


You may see a lot of signage which should be enough to remind you that a certain place is not exactly the safest holiday destination. Do not be childish and ignore these signs because they are there for a reason—mainly, for your safety. Stay safe, so you can enjoy your holidays!

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Planning Your Holiday Adventure Ahead

Ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free holiday means making plans ahead of time. Indeed, there are ways to get flight bookings, hotel reservations and other trip details in just a flash but nothing beats having ample time to really go through the different aspects carefully.

Planning early is ideal especially if you have limited budget. This works perfectly also for people who want to ensure that every single detail of the trip is faultless. If you are planning to explore the majestic sights in Australia or be embraced by the beauty in the North or South Islands of New Zealand, there is just one website to go to. That is, Their accommodation vouchers are all you need to have a splendidly relaxing holiday.

Perfecting the details of your holiday escape is easy. The site showcases the best deals at most affordable prices. There are also a lot of generous offers all year round which will allow you to get 15% and up to 60% discount.

You may even have the chance to grab a great deal via one of the many promotions offered year in year out. That way, you can forget about the hustle and bustle of the city for a while or escape the confines of your office without breaking the bank.

Making reservations for you preferred hotel is not a problem either. You can choose within their list of more than 200 affiliate resorts which will definitely give you the relaxation and comfort that you are seeking. The website even features the availability of the accommodation so picking the right one is hassle free.

Because getting accommodation is not enough when maximizing your time during the holidays, Hightide Holidays will also give you the chance to select different activities you can do, depending on your desired destination. The website which can be easily navigated will guide you through theme parks, restaurants and other interesting spots to check out.

You may like the VIP Holiday Club Voucher, which gets you accommodation for durations of three days. You can also take advantage of VIP Holiday Club Membership if you are a frequent traveler.

Getting in touch with Hightide Holidays is easy through their hotline 1300 769 765

or via the website. Planning your trip ahead has never been much easier. Say goodbye to tedious details and time-consuming processes.


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Hightide Tropical North Queensland special

Tropical North Queensland is where the rainforest meets the reef. Few places on earth can boast such unique natural attractions – with the Great Barrier Reef offering dazzling coral and sea life, and the superb World Heritage listed tropical rainforests within easy reach. The scenery will leave you breathless and the relaxation will take you to a new level.

If you fancy swimming with the fish, getting up close and personal with a koala bear or visiting some luscious rainforests, use the links below to start planning your Tropical North Queensland getaway… whether you’re looking for places to visit, things to see and do in Tropical North Queensland, or accommodation ideas, everything you need is right here. Call Hightide Holidays on 1300 769 765 to make your dreams come true.

Things To See and Do

1.         Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park, Mossman, Cairns Area

2.         Great Barrier Reef, Mission Beach, Cassowary Coast Area

3.         Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park, Lawn Hill, Gulf Savannah

4.         Sunlover Reef Cruises, Multiple Locations

5.         Millaa Millaa Falls, Millaa Millaa, Tablelands Area

6.         Tinaroo Dam, Lake Tinaroo, Tablelands Area

7.         Adventure Tours Australia, Multiple Locations

8.         Cairns ZOOm, Cairns, Cairns Area

9.         Lakefield National Park, Cooktown, Cook Area

10.       Mamu Rainforest Canopy Walkway, Innisfail, Cassowary Coast Area

Places to visit

1.         Thursday Island

2.         Horn Island

3.         Cooktown

4.         Cairns

5.         Port Douglas

6.         Mossman

7.         Mareeba

8.         Palm Cove

9.         Innot Hot Springs

10.       Weipa


201 Lake Street
201 Lake Street, Cairns QLD 4870
Superbly located only a casual stroll into Central Cairns and a street off The Esplanade, 201 Lake Street presents contemporary hotel rooms and apartments in tranquil surrounds within access to all that Cairns and North Queensland has to offer. Fringed with sun lounges, the 20 metre resort pool staggers through levels of wading areas to the depths of the lap section. For a leisurely afternoon or evening the barbecue entertainment area is pleasantly positioned alongside the resort pool.

more info  From $119 per night


Call: 1300 769 765 to enquire or book

49-63 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove QLD 4879
Located on the last great beachfront site in Palm Cove, Amphora boasts breathtaking views of the Coral Sea. The one and two bedroom apartments all feature a spa bath, full kitchen complete with stone bench and a delightful combination of timber, carpet and tiled flooring. Amphora facilities include lagoon style pool with heated jacuzzi spa for your relaxation, and a children’s pool to keep the kids amused.

more info  From $99 per night


Call: 1300 769 765 to enquire or book

Ferntree Rainforest Lodge
Camelot Close, Cape Tribulation QLD 4873
Here’s an environment-friendly resort that’s easy on the visitor too. Set back in the heart of a lush coastal rainforest, a short stroll from Cape Tribulation’s beach and its famous mangrove boardwalks, Ferntree Rainforest Lodge is a superb, affordable tropical getaway.

more info  From $154 per night


Call: 1300 769 765 to enquire or book

Mango Lagoon Resort & Wellness Spa
81-85 Cedar Road, Palm Cove QLD 4879
Mango Lagoon Resort & Wellness Spa in Palm Cove is the place to relax, rejuvenate and revitalise body, mind and spirit. The beautiful sandy beach at Palm Cove and the fabulous Esplanade and its restaurants and bars are just a barefoot stroll away with world class golf courses north and south.

more info  From $91 per night


Call: 1300 769 765 to enquire or book

Mantra PortSea
76 Davidson Street, Port Douglas QLD 4871
The lobby’s punkah and timber ceiling fans are the first things you’ll notice when you arrive at Mantra PortSea at Port Douglas in Queensland’s Tropical North. From here the soothing sounds of cascading water falls and flowing lagoon pools will immediately draw you into holiday mode.

more info


Call: 1300 769 765 to enquire or book

Oaks M on Palmer
81 Palmer Street, Townsville QLD 4810
Oaks M on Palmer is a boutique 4.5 star self-catering property on Palmer Street. Enjoying an easy stroll to the CBD, restaurants, cafes, city night life and Jupiter’s Casino, Oaks M on Palmer is an ideal accommodation choice for business and leisure travellers.

more info  From $123 per night


Call: 1300 769 765 to enquire or book

Paradise Palms Resort & Country Club
Paradise Palms Drive, Kewarra Beach QLD 4579
From its idyllic setting just 20 minutes north of Cairns at the base of rainforest clad mountains, Paradise Palms Resort and Country Club invites discerning guests to participate in a truly special visitor experience.

more info  From $95 per night


Call: 1300 769 765 to enquire or book

Ramada Resort Port Douglas
316 Port Douglas Road, Port Douglas QLD 4877
Located in a small pocket of Melaleuca Rainforest an hour north of Cairns, Ramada Resort Port Douglas is a short walk from Four Mile Beach, and close to the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. As well as 224 rooms, the resort features two restaurants, a day spa, cocktail lounge, and a lagoon pool with swim up bar, plus lily ponds, streams and wildlife.

more info  From $91 per night


Call: 1300 769 765 to enquire or book

Sea Change Beachfront Apartments
31-35 Vasey Esplanade, Trinity Beach QLD 4879
Sea Change Beachfront Apartments offers 5 star luxurious accommodation at Trinity Beach, 15 minutes north of Cairns. All self contained apartments are absolute beachfront and offer unsurpassed, panoramic views over the beach and the Coral Sea.

more info  From $247 per night


Call: 1300 769 765 to enquire or book

Sea Temple Palm Cove
5 Triton Street, Palm Cove QLD 4879
Situated on an absolute beachfront location in Palm Cove, Sea Temple Resort and Spa Palm Cove has been designed with the utmost privacy in mind. Attention to detail in the exotic Asian styled architecture is paramount, with an award winning style that blends sensitively with the superb natural beauty of the surrounding environment.

more info  From $113 per night


Call: 1300 769 765 to enquire or book

Sea Temple Port Douglas
Mitre Street, Port Douglas QLD 4877
Designed with the utmost luxury and relaxation in mind, Sea Temple Resort & Spa is located on the secluded beachfront of Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas. Whilst on your stay, take the time to enjoy the Day Spa, adjoining 18 hole championship golf course, or just relax in the spectacular resort surrounds.

more info  From $172 per night


Call: 1300 769 765 to enquire or book

The Heritage Port Douglas
16 Warner St, Port Douglas QLD 4879
Situated right in the heart of Port Douglas on Macrossan Street. When staying at these first class, well appointed suites, you will find the village centre at your doorstep which gives you effortless access to restaurants, fashion outlets and boutique shopping.

more info  From $102 per night


Call: 1300 769 765 to enquire or book

The Lakes Cairns Resort & Spa
2 Greenslopes Street, Cairns QLD 4870
Share in this experience at The Lakes Cairns Resort & Spa. This premier resort offers a relaxed village atmosphere with spacious modern Cairns apartments set amongst 11 acres of lush landscaped gardens, lakes and beach lagoon pools. Offering complete 4 1/2 star resort services and facilities, you can choose to unwind at the Day Spa, dine at Rambutan Restaurant or cook a BBQ by the pool – all part of your tropical resort lifestyle experience.

more info  From $130 per night


Call: 1300 769 765 to enquire or book



7 Wharf Street
7 Wharf Street, Port Douglas QLD 4879
Designed to inhale our tropical surrounds, this Port Douglas holiday house consists of three pavilions connected by undercover walkways. An abundance of retractable doors, windows and sheltered verandas allow natural airflow and ocean views. Its central village location is moments from boutique shopping, restaurants and cafes.

more info  From $852 per night

Amaroo at Trinity
92 Moore Street, Trinity Beach QLD 4879
Trinity Beach, star of the Cairns Northern Beaches in the heart of Tropical North Queensland, is located just a short drive north of Cairns city. With its relaxed village-like atmosphere it is one of the most popular beaches in the North, with good reason. Amaroo at Trinity enjoys a peaceful elevated beachfront position offering stunning views over the Pacific Ocean to the accompaniment of the soothing sounds of waves breaking on the shore.

more info  From $83 per night

Cape Tribulation Resort and Spa
Cape Tribulation Road, Cape Tribulation QLD 4873
Nestled between the Emerald Greens of the Daintree Rainforest and the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulation Resort & Spa, combines the wonder of the natural world with the comfort of the modern. Located just 90 minutes drive from Port Douglas, Cape Tribulation is one of nature’s true paradises, and you will be holidaying in one of the world’s most remarkable environments.

more info

Cayman Villas
35 Mowbray Street, Port Douglas QLD 4877
Located a short distance from the famous Four Mile Beach and the Port’s town centre, Cayman Villa apartments feature luxury one, two and three bedroom villas. Cayman Villas luxury apartments offer families, couples and discerning business travellers luxury apartments for a relaxing holiday stay, a romantic getaway or work in comfortable and stylish surroundings.

more info  From $179 per night

Coral Horizons
137 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove QLD 4879
Set on the beachfront amidst the beautiful tropical buzz of Palm Cove is Coral Horizons. Accommodation is superbly designed and is truly the best that Palm Cove accommodation has to offer. Staying at Coral Horizons provides you with the lovely experience and opportunity to oversee the natural beauty of this glorious palm-fringed beach.

more info  From $147 per night


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Australia’s Top Five Couples Retreat

Almost every corner in Australia is a good vacation spot. However, if you’re here to spend some quality time with your special someone, you should prioritize these hidden pieces of paradise. With Valentine’s Day coming up, now’s the time to get in early and surprise your loved one with a little holiday treat. Check out some of our top couples destinations…

1. Byron Bay.

This is the perfect retreat for couples because it’s laidback and beautifully scenic. Your partner will love you for bringing him/her to Byron Bay’s pristine beaches. Spend time admiring a quiet afternoon at one of the vicinity’s cosy cafes overlooking the sea. Revive your senses strolling along the boardwalks in the stunning natural rainforest and reconnect with nature as you enjoy sunrise over Tallow Beach. Discover Natural Luxury at The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa.

Set amongst a stunning 45 acre sub tropical rainforest, moments from Tallow Beach and only a short drive or cycle to the iconic Byron Bay township, life here is easy. This is a place to indulge, with nurturing spa treatments, daily yoga or simply relax on the wide open verandahs. With rainforest walks on endless timber boardwalks and luxuriously appointed one bedroom suites, The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa provides a unique opportunity to experience natural luxury. Aaaahhhhh, we can almost hear the serenity just thinking about it!

2. Cradle Mountain in Tasmania.

If you’re not much of a beach person, you may want to try Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain instead. Aside from the sprinkling of excellent spas in this area, the hiking trails are also quite impressive. You can choose anywhere from an affordable mountain lodge to a more luxurious resort. The area is known for its tranquillity. Set discreetly within this wilderness setting, this superb escape showcases the best Tasmania has to offer with warm hospitality, sensational locally produced food and wine, breathtaking scenery and magnificent wilderness surrounds. A variety of superb dining options are available, from casual to more formal. Be tempted by the delectable tastes of local Tasmanian cheeses over a glass of wine followed by a romantic dinner.

Around Cradle Mountain Lodge there are more than 20 walking trails that suit every fitness level. Imagine walking through towering forests with trees older than mankind. Discover animal and plant varieties found nowhere else on earth. You can trek mountains, explore trails on horseback or mountain bike and fly-fish or enjoy a Tasmanian wine and cheese tasting session – just some of the many activities on offer. And when its time to relax, guests can indulge in a therapeutic massage or sauna at the award winning Waldheim Alpine Spa – the perfect place to soak away tension and time – together.

3. Noosa, Queensland.

Noosa also tops the chart as one of Queensland’s prime couples’ retreats. The beaches seem untouched, and there are enough modern amenities in the area as well. It’s a place where you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a rustic life by the beach, and a luxurious shopping spree and restaurant hopping up and down Hastings Street.

For somewhere romantic to stay that’s located in one of the Queensland’s most prestigious holiday destinations on the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, BreakFree French Quarter is the perfect accommodation choice situated right on Hastings Street.

BreakFree French Quarter is a 4 star resort featuring one and two bedroom apartments with spa baths in every room.. The French colonial façade of ochre washed walls and blue timber shutters creates a rustic charm to your holiday setting, with meandering pathways leading you past the pool, spas and bridges all of which are framed by beautiful gardens.

4. Port Douglas.

This is the closest gateway for you to stay in if you and your partner are planning to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Despite its proximity to one of the world’s greatest wonders, though, the port remains tranquil. It’s still one of the best honeymoon destinations in Australia.

Meridian is a new boutique contemporary resort that offers luxury accommodation with a selection of Studios and 1 Bedroom Apartments. Located close to the cosmopolitan restaurant strip of Macrossan Street, Four Mile Beach & Marina Mirage, it offers the perfect tropical location for couples that want to relax & unwind.

5. Hunter Valley

For some great food, wine and lovin’, get out to the famous Hunter Valley region in New South Wales. The Eaglereach Wilderness Resort offers couples the chance to reconnect in nature. Swim in the saltwater pool or Goonarook lagoon, discover the landscape and hire a buggy, or get puffed out with some mountain bike riding, a game of volleyball or tennis and walking tours. If you’re more into pampering, try a massage or a facial. There’s a wide variety of rainforest and bushwalks, yabbying sports fishing and kayaking.

Each lodge has a breathtaking mountaintop location with a superb view. Living and entertainment area, fully equipped kitchen and dining facilities should you choose to self cater. Hot turbo spa, barbecue, television/DVD, sound system and woodfire for winter. Bliss!

Of course Hightide Holidays offers members great holiday deals and packages. For more information please visit: or call us on 1300 769 765

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Balancing your Life: Goal Setting this New Year

People often complain about their stressful lifestyles. Most of the time though, this stress is caused by poor time management skills and misplaced priorities. Every year, people all over the world try to set goals and make lists so they can improve their lives and attain their aspirations. Below are tips on how you can make life easier to manage—and more importantly, how to enjoy it.

Be realistic. Don’t set the bar too high. Choose goals that are attainable within the year. If possible, make your deadlines for these plans specific as well. If you want to lose weight, instead of simply stating “going to the gym”, incorporate your fitness plans into your daily routines. Jog, walk to work at least twice a week, use the stairs instead of the elevator, and set days where you don’t eat meat or junk food. If you’re a frequent traveller, choose the destinations of your travels wisely. Peg it well so you won’t just sit around and eat too much the whole time you’re out of the country. Include “adventures” in line with your fitness goal.

Balance. You should have a good balance between work and play. Make sure you are not just working all the time so you can save up for a trip which you may never get to take, anyway, because you’re too busy. Neither should you spend too much money, time, and energy partying that you’re unable to save up for your home or your travel plans. See travel not just as “leisure”, but rather turn it into something more than that. It can be a reward, or even a spiritual retreat for you to get away from it all and assess your life from an observer’s point of view.

Spend quality time with the family. You are not a robot. You are a human being and you have emotional needs. Don’t compromise your time with the family for monetary gains. Learn to live your life to the fullest and spend time with your family. Again, travelling with your family is a very good way to renew the bond. Save up for this and look forward to this time and you’ll see your life making more sense bit by bit.


Australia is a great place to be if you are looking forward to some sun, sea, and fun. Below are resorts and theme parks you should frequent if you’re travelling in 2012 with friends or family.

Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast: Hilton Paradise Residences.

Nothing spells style and sophistication more than the Hilton Paradise Residences. This is also very close to the Surfer’s Paradise beach, which is famous for its challenging waves. It still tops the Gold Coast’s list of hot resorts.

Brisbane, Story Apartments.

Tucked in quaint Kangaroo Point are the Story Apartments. This residential area is one of Brisbane’s hidden gems, and this 2012, they’re offering lowered prices for their rooms.  Next to the Gold Coast, Brisbane is also the most popular stop in Queensland. These apartments are very close to the city’s hottest cultural spots.

Sydney CBD’s Regis on Castlereigh.

Sydney in New South Wales is a popular stop among locals and tourists alike because of its Opera House, its impressive line up of restaurants, and its hotels. This 2012, the Regis on Castlereigh, which is a stone’s throw away from all the attractions, is offering special rates for its rooms. This overlooks the Rock and the Sydney Harbour, and is a scenic and quaint apartment-hotel for families and big groups.

Two hotels in Melbourne, CBD.


The Oaks on the Market, and the Quest on Bourke, are both offering special prices for their rooms this 2012. The good news is that both hotels close to Melbourne’s hot Michelin-starred restaurants. Aside from the museums and the business amenities, the restaurants are the prime highlights of the city. There are rooms for single travellers and families alike.

Of course if you want superb value for money and some great savings anywhere you go, join the Hightide Holidays club! Call us on 1300 769 765 or visit




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